Dog saves Tennessee family from fire in Lebanon.

A family from Lebanon, Tennessee says they are alive thanks to their family dog Maggie.

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The family was asleep in their home when it caught fire early Wednesday. The house has been called a total loss, but the family’s dog help ensured it wasn’t a complete tragedy.

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The residents said one of their two pet poodles barked and alerted them of the fire before even the smoke detector went off. Maggie made sure her family — including her fellow poodle pal — got out before the flames spread.

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Two people were in the home, and another two were in a nearby camper, as the fire began on the back porch of the house. By the end, the home was destroyed. It’s unknown how the fire started at this time.

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Along with the residents, firefighters were able to save some important things, but for the most part, everything in the home was lost. However, the family and the pair of poodles were unharmed.

The Red Cross has been called to help the family following the fire.


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