NBA draft lottery winner, New York Knicks had a whole plan for getting Zion.

The NBA Draft lottery order was revealed on Tuesday, and the Pelicans, out of left field, stunned the field to end up with the No. 1 overall pick, with which they will almost certainly select Zion Williamson. The full lottery results are below:

No. 1: New Orleans Pelicans
No. 2: Memphis Grizzlies
No. 3: New York Knicks
No. 4: Los Angeles Lakers
No. 5: Cleveland Cavaliers
No. 6: Phoenix Suns
No. 7: Chicago Bulls
No. 8: Atlanta Hawks
No. 9: Washington Wizards
No. 10: Atlanta Hawks (via Dallas)
No. 11: Minnesota Timberwolves
No. 12: Charlotte Hornets
No. 13: Miami Heat
No. 14: Boston Celtics (via Kings)
Here’s a quick look at the bigger winners and losers from Tuesday night’s lottery results.

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New Orleans Pelicans
This is pretty obvious. They came in with a 6 percent chance of getting the No. 1 overall pick, and still got it. They can now use it to take Zion Williamson and begin their post-Anthony Davis rebuild, or, perhaps, use Williamson as trade bait to potentially bring in a second star who would maybe convince Davis to stay. For what it’s worth, Davis reportedly hasn’t changed his stance that he wants out of New Orleans, but either way, the Pelicans are in a lot better position now than they were before. Just a huge night for the Pels, who now have real options to carve a solid path forward with or without AD.

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Los Angeles Lakers
The Lakers were projected to get the No. 11 pick. Instead, they jumped all the way to No. 4. That is huge on a lot of levels. First, it gives them another really valuable trade chip to add to their potential offer for Anthony Davis, and even if that doesn’t come through, it’s a trade chip that could perhaps be used to deal for a bit lesser star — maybe Kevin Love or Bradley Beal. Worst-case scenario, the Lakers simply use the pick and draft a quality player to add to their quality young core, continuing to stock the pond for life after LeBron while still having the cap space to add a max free agent this summer.

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