Trump, Don McGahn tweet: ‘had a much better chance of being fired than Mueller’.

President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday that his former White House counsel, Don McGahn, had a greater chance of being fired than the special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I was NOT going to fire Bob Mueller, and did not fire Bob Mueller. In fact, he was allowed to finish his Report with unprecedented help from the Trump Administration,” he tweeted. “Actually, lawyer Don McGahn had a much better chance of being fired than Mueller. Never a big fan!”

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McGahn’s role in the White House during the Russia investigation has come under renewed attention in the wake of Mueller’s report, for which McGahn served as a key witness.

The report found that Trump had repeatedly ordered McGahn to fire Mueller, though Trump has denied making such an order. McGahn told prosecutors he refused to fire Mueller, and also refused to release a statement denying that Trump ordered him to fire Mueller. McGahn left the White House last October.

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More recently, McGahn has also declined two requests from White House officials to state publicly that he did not believe Trump obstructed justice, The New York Times reported Friday, citing two people briefed on the requests.

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Though Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have subpoenaed McGahn for documents and testimony related to the Russia investigation, McGahn’s lawyer has said McGahn will not comply with the subpoena and will instead defer to the White House.


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