Chicago sues Jussie Smollett, $130,000 “in overtime costs to investigate”.

Jussie Smollett has been sued by the City of Chicago after it allegedly spent more than $130,000 “in overtime costs to investigate” his alleged January attack, according to a new lawsuit.

Two weeks after all charges against the Empire star were dropped — stemming from accusations he staged an alleged early morning hate crime attack against himself on a Chicago sidewalk in January — and city lawyers issued a demand letter to him on behalf of Chicago and their police department, requesting that the actor pay $130,106.15 to make up for overtime hours that were spent on the investigation, the City of Chicago has filed a civil action lawsuit against Smollett.

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According to the suit, filed Thursday to the Cook County Court and obtained by PEOPLE, the City of Chicago states that it is “seeking relief against [Smollett] for false statements he made to the City, and seeking recovery of the costs of necessary services provided by the City due to [Smollett’s] violations of the [Municipal Code of Chicago (MCC)].”

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Smollet, 36, has been sued by the City of Chicago “to recover civil penalties, statutory treble damages, and attorney’s fees and costs arising from [Smollett’s] false statements to the City,” the suit states.

After Smollett filed the allegedly “false” reports to police at the end of January, the City “incurred” more than 1,800 “overtime hours” to investigate his case, the suit states.

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“For the next two weeks, the CPD expended significant resources investigating [Smollett’s] false report of a high-profile hate crime and physical assault. Over two dozen CPD officers and detectives participated in the investigation, ultimately spending weeks investigating [Smollett’s] false statements,” the suit alleges. “During the course of CPD’s investigation into [Smollett’s] false statements, CPD has incurred 1,836 overtime hours, which resulted in the City paying $130,106.15 in overtime pay as a result of [Smollett’s] false statements.”


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