Segway autonomous deliveries robot at CES 2019 (Details).

small goods from food to packages are set to ride segways in the future. the mobility manufacturer debuts the ‘loomo delivery’ robot at CES 2019, which will autonomously transport packages along the final leg of their journey. it builds upon the ever increasing demand for delivery services with the aim of providing a more efficient, reliable, simplistic and fun solution.

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the segway ‘loomo delivery’ robot accommodates many business demands. its various replaceable containers can be used to transport different goods, such as your team’s morning coffees or even your friend’s birthday present ordered at the last-minute from amazon. in total, these containers offer a volume of 70 liters and a carrying capacity of 50kg.

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aiming to be the future of the delivery workforce, the autonomous bot connects to either wifi or 4G and its cloud-based navigation system. this management helps it perform map updates, dynamic scheduling and real-time monitoring. to ensure deliveries are made on time no matter what, ‘loomo delivery’ additionally features dynamic obstacle avoidance and even works on slopes of 8-degrees too. with over eight hours of running time, the robot can use an automatic charging station after a long day of work.

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