Polar Bear Plunge in Coney Island: Crowds took a wintry dip in the Atlantic Ocean.

Polar Bear Plunges, where people take a dip in very cold bodies of water during the winter months when people aren’t usually swimming outdoors, are often undertaken to benefit some type of charity, but they’re also a way to ring in the new year.

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This January 1 saw people diving into the Atlantic Ocean on a relatively mild day in New York, from the beaches of Coney Island in Brooklyn, and also in much colder temperatures around the US, including Minnesota and Massachusetts.

The Coney Island Polar Bear Club is a members only organization that’s been taking frigid dips in the salt water since 1903.

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Currently the club meets every Sunday between November and April at 1pm Eastern to frolic in the icy waves.

Although membership roles are closed at the moment, ‘everyone is invited to the annual New Year’s Day Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge!’ according to the group’s website.’

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This year’s event marks the 115th annual iteration of the frosty sea excursion.

Across the globe, others took icy plunges of their own everywhere from Northern Ireland, Scotland and France to the Netherlands and Germany.

Scroll down for images captured from all over the world of people diving in to 2019 with a splash.


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